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developing news in the east bay more than 10,000 people without power in oakland and berkeley hills. some customers say a car crashed into a power paul de
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genie tried to figure out the cause of the outage no word one power will be restored. it appears to have been torched on purpose fire gutted the law office of mayor ozby davis he watched as firefighters battled the blaze on tuolomne street downtown vallejo it started at 130 this morning nearly half the building was covered in fines. we aggressively attack the fire we contain it to the room of origin there's heavy smoke damage throughout it is a suspicious fire because the fire started in the waiting room and investigators believe it is arson this is the second time mayor david it a crime in may his motorcycle was stolen from. the bay area mother who police say left her 10 year-old daughter at robbery attempt at a morgan hill grocery store under
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arrest, she was taken into a rest in firmly, nevada and on the run for nine days she left her daughter hole in the back at a safeway when it tried to steal a cart of groceries the daughters with their grandmother in will not face charges her a 11 month old son is in custody. excessive heat warning for inland areas only expected to get hotter this week and roberta gonzales tracks it for us we jump from 4-15 degrees in comparison to yesterday only 67 degrees in livermore. in san jose the a warm spot jumped 10 degrees along the embarcadero today's high temperature in the city's 62 degrees the average size is 70 we had an influence of the d a marine layer this morning the heat watch is in effect tomorrow
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through monday 9:00 p.m. all areas highlighted in yellow. those locations will be the hottest, '80s and '90s and the peninsula 98 in gilroy and morgan hill, hottest locations 102 in brentwood, santa rosa at 94 degrees. will talk more about watches and advisory's coming up. rough-and-tumble politics in richmond a fight between the city council member and local activists and in punches and arrest. don knapp is in richmond with more. mostly when politicians disagree things get noisy but last week outside the building after a tumultuous meeting emotions flared to head and fists begin to fly. richmond always a tough town but
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said all politics getting tougher in this incident david more escorted to a police car after an altercation with a council member following a neighborhood council meeting. the video recorded by a private contractor and candidates' debate and provided cbs 5 the chevron rep i chose to walk away i walk three persons away from mr. more about that time i feel this it to the back of my head i look around and as i turned and get another hit to my right temple richmond police told cbs 5 a police officer observed jose being insulted by more. in an e-mail more gives his version of events he was telling him he was displeased with way he conducted himself at the city council meeting i got in his face and said some mean things
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included calling him a bullion cowered in net time he punched me in the face it declined an on-camera interview request. he cannot speak of another dustup september 19th regarding the chief of staff jackie thompson the city manager stafford was involved in a brief physical confrontation i had to checkey on leave until we resolve that due to the fact this happen on city property my responsibilities as elected official and as a person an employee i have to make sure the employee is protected. we apologize for losing don knapp saudi 0. gov. brown vetoed a bill to ban agencies from interrupting cellphones servers without court
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ordered it targeted bart which part of free-speech debate when the cut cellphone service in san francisco to disrupt the planned protest the governor said the bill could divert attention from a true emergency by requiring government agencies to apply for a court order within six hours of service shutdown she spent years under house arrest in her fight for democracy in burma pro- democracy activist was in san francisco is part of a high- profile visit it that includes standing ovations in washington and the united nations. anne mackovic explains her appearance is important those of my generation will know i've come to san francisco with flowers in my hair. known simply as the lady nobel pripet peace prizewinner spoke in front of a packed house at usf
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we must always have eyes focused toward the future even as we deal with present and its difficulties and problems the first visit to the west since 1971 for the political prisoner turned parliamentarian she is a key figure in the transition to democracy in burma also known as me and mark. today she spoke mainly in burmese she was trying to say don't forget your roof and were you are from many exiles are here as well and a dream come true we are witnessing the fact the community comes together and everybody is beautiful she is my hero all of my life i am so proud to the burmese at the rally some say if they wish you would do more to protect all minorities in burma speak up for injustice human
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rights for all this is what i think is most precious about this city, you are open hearted and open minded when need both, closed mines and open hearts do not go good together she goes to los angeles next after private meetings in the bay area anne mackovic cbs 5 a place in the bay area and held fifth and annual drug take back day for people looking to get rid of unwanted prescription drugs, or rent a police department one of several drop- off locations drug take back data mensural unused prescription drugs to not get in the wrong hands a similar a van crews collected 500,000 lbs. of medication. flu season again to east bay clinics want to make sure they get out as many flu shots as
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possible, fremont and union city medical centers offered a drive-through flu service this morning this is the first day of vaccination season. it looks like the turnout successful on which started at 9:00 today people lined up since 7:00 a.m. the drive-through service only offered to tie at kaiser permanente members more than 1000 people came out on the first day. they survive carmageddon 1, now comes carmageddon to are drivers and seven california listing to construction crews and stay off the roads? how commuters in the bay area will s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area commuters have more options getting to and from work starting next week caltrans ram said servicing the east south bay rider ship it's a record high to new trends are added for others taken down because of constraints are restored ace is adding two new trips between the
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tribal area and san jose bus service from san jose to cupertino faster because of your stops. carmageddon to info swing one of the busiest freeways in the country the 45 shut down for construction work a live look in los angeles, it appears people are heeding advice to stay of road's construction is an hour ahead of schedule dave lopez at the center of it with an update. there goes some of the mulholland bridge others more work to do, we've clear the portion of the bridge that overhangs the freeway if there and went to hell now we can work around that monday morning a short time ago the mayor and arrived on scene was given
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an update and i asked him and will they be done sunday no way this will get done on sunday it just is not going to happen we hope so by monday there about an hour ahead of where they need to be, but that is it the plan was always to remove the center portion of the bridge that is the easy part, the hard part is chipping away the huge girders from underneath both ends of the bridge those girders each way nearly 1 million lbs. they can fall and where not always the location you want them to it is high risk to do work while traffic continues there's 4 ft. of work of dirt to act as a cushion it looks like you can call and a couple of lines and work on this side it cannot be done. all the work and noise certainly an attention getter i hope when it's done the
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traffic is worth the billion dollars they are spending and and the millions of hours of to lead commuting but of all the fund your have been watching yes like going to the laundromat. from a hilltop above to a lookout point that caltrans said marked viewing area people watched. what ted pictures with the kids for posterity a reporter walking in the lands of the 45 for a wide walking on the freeway look at this. the big question will there be traffic flowing here at 5:00 a.m. monday dave lopez cbs 5 in the weather center, officials sundown at 654 on a day up to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday, even hotter tomorrow. it will pinpoint
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so remember this number. welcome back to eyewitness news cbs 5 the last saturday in september 2012 when go out on hotter now than yesterday. some readings across the bay for degrees warmer in san francisco let's 6215 degrees hotter in
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livermore at 93. san jose mid-seventies common. the thought compressed to 700 ft., that keeps san francisco cool this evening at 58, otherwise we drop down in the mid '80s in the tri valley oakland now 61 degrees. that high pressure strengthens it rents up and produces an off shore flow which means dry winds from inland areas moving offshore in an easterly direction that increases potential for fire danger, what dissipates the offshore wind we dissipates the offshore wind we
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